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Ultra-fast WordPress Hosting

What Makes Us Great?

Our WordPress hosting isn’t your run of the mill, mass-hosted, shared reseller package that you’ll find with most agencies It’s fully managed, fully optimised and custom built for our clients, by us!

Built for WordPress

It’s the only software we host and we’ve fine tuned our servers to make sure they’re fully optimised

U.K or Worldwide?

Stay British with our main hub in Cardiff, Wales or host your website in any one of 22 locations including mainland China!


We run regular security checks on our platform as well as all website we host to ensure maximum security

Backups Galore

Backup done monthly, weekly or daily – You choose! All stored on third-party servers in the European Union


Never oversold, never crowded – We manage our servers from the ground-up so you’re guaranteed the best!

Powered by Microsoft

All our services are served from servers located inside of Microsoft owned data-centres across the world

Simple Pricing – No Annual Contract Necessary

* Our agency plan is only for other agencies. If you’re not in the business of making websites for other companies you won’t be eligible for our discount. Sorry about that! We’d still love to host you – our basic and business plans offer excellent value for money!

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